Steps to buying a home


Buying a home is often a person’s largest single investment in their lifetime. It can even be overwhelming. Getting all the information and speaking with both a licensed professional real agent and a licensed professional mortgage loan officer will make the process easier to complete. The more informed you are, the more likely you are to get exactly the right deal at exactly the right price. Your only 8 easy steps a way from being a homeowner.


What can you expect at closing? Do you really need to get pre-qualified? Is there a special loan program you may qualify for? What is an escrow account? Do your research before you speak to the experts so you will know what additional questions to ask.

Get Pre-Qualified

Getting pre-qualified for your home mortgage is the best things to do before you start shopping for houses so you can shop in the right price range. Plus when you get the pre-qualification amount you will also find out home much closing costs will be and how much down payment you will need. Plus you will be able to determine your monthly payment amount so you can start figuring that into your mortgage.

Start Packing

Once you know your moving, it’s never too early to start packing. Research moving companies, consider moving expenses and plan out your move. This will save you time and headache in the long run and although it seems premature at this point, you will be happy closer to move time that you got a head start on packing.

Find a Real Estate Agent

Finding a home on your own will NOT save you any money or time.

It costs you nothing to use any professional real estate agent. Real Estate Agents are paid by the seller of the house at closing. You get the use of expertise, education and experience all for absolutely nothing out of your pocket. Your Real Estate Agent will consult with you to determine what you want and then search to find houses within your pre-qualified price range.

Go Shopping for the House

Let the fun begin. Next to getting the keys to your new house, this is probably the most exciting part of the entire process. It’s important to keep in mind

Submit an Offer

Your Licensed Real State Agent will handle this for you.

Get Funding

Your Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer, who helped you with your pre-qualification, will guide you through the loan process.

Sign Loan Documents

The Title Company will schedule an escrow closing and set an appointment with you to sign the loan documents.

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Final Step – Call the Movers!